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Rail Services and Logistics

Storage and Logistics


We have 3,000 square feet of covered storage and over 10 acres of secure outdoor storage with tractor/trailer parking. We offer both long-term and short-term storage solutions.


All of our storage is secure via gated entry and is well-lit with 24/7 camera surveillance. We also offer specialized security solutions for high-value payloads or bulk materials.

Typical Customer Profile Requirements


Rail onboarding – Local manufacturer or shipper (within 150 miles) who needs to ship approximately 4 truck-loads of bulk or finished goods one or two thousand miles;


Rail off-boarding – Outbound manufacturer or shipper (1 or 2 thousand miles away) who needs to complete “last mile” delivery or distribution for as few as one railcar of bulk or finished goods via short-haul trucking.


Consulting and Researching - Logistics consultant or contractor researching, guiding or building extended supply chain solutions for a 3rd party client (typically a shipper or wholesale customer of raw, bulk, or finished goods to be distributed).


Logistics Management


With our Logistics Management services, Carolinas ReLoad can help you manage the logistics of your transportation supply chain.


We offer a single point of contact, who keeps you informed of your transportation activity, whether it’s multi-rail or multi-mode.


Logistics management can make your supply chain more efficient, improving cycle times, equipment utilization, and, ultimately, lowering costs.


Our logistics management services can be customized into a variety of packages, and include:


• Rail Shipment Monitoring

• Railroad Local Switch Monitoring

• Specialized Moves

Specialized Moves


At Carolinas ReLoad, we have a proven track record when it comes to shipping oversized, heavy machinery and dimensional equipment.  Our expertise will deliver timely, cost-efficient, and safe handling of your products.


Our logistics experts can design a comprehensive, door-to-door transportation solution that includes:


• Identifying pre-established loading sites

• Coordinating carriers, loaders, riggers and crane operators

• Utilizing prequalified vendors

• Assisting in clearance service

• Proactive, interline car management

• Performance reports


We're there for you door-to-door, and every step in between!

For Motor Carriers/Contractors:


Carolinas ReLoad terminal and facilities are generally open to all motor carriers.


Operating Provisions


All third-party motor carriers using our terminal must follow and comply with our motor carrier operating provisions detailed in the Access Agreement below.


Access Agreement


Each motor carrier and contractor, at the corporate level, must download, print and sign a copy of the Motor Carrier/Contractor Access Agreement and send to Carolinas Reload prior to accessing the Carolinas ReLoad terminal.


Fax a copy to 704-994-9111.


Mail the original to:


200 Kitty Bennett Road

Wadesboro, NC   28170



Energy Surcharge


If your product requires heat application services during the transload process, an Energy Surcharge will be added to each associated invoice.


For each hour your product requires heat, Carolinas ReLoad generates an Energy Surcharge fee that will appear on each associated invoice. Specifically, for every $0.03 increase in the price of diesel fuel, an additional $0.50/hour surcharge will apply.


The surcharge is indexed on the "U.S. No. 2 Diesel Retail Sales by All Sellers." (Source: ), and is based on the January 1, 2007 diesel fuel rate ($2.58/gallon).


The energy surcharge rate changes on the first day of each month, and is based on the prior Monday's posting of the U.S. No. 2 Diesel Retail Sales by All Sellers.


Further details here.



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